Day: December 9, 2016

  • Floating Sea Cove Resort

    Floating Sea Cove Resort

    Floating Sea Cove Resort 12685 Overseas Highway, Marathon, FL Floating Sea Cove Resort is in the city of Marathon in the Florida Keys. It is in an environmental reserve and it offers bungalows on land and floating rooms on docked houseboats. A fishing pier, boat ramp, and boat docks are also provided. Additionally, free parking…

  • United Airlines – 800-864-8331

    United Airlines – 800-864-8331

    United Airlines – 800-864-8331 United Airlines is one of the biggest airlines in the USA and it provides seasonal service to Newark and Chicago O’Hare airports. Also, it runs about 100 scheduled flights between Florida, the Bahamas, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC and West Virginia. It is also one of the largest airlines in the USA. The airline was once…